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We are committed to ensuring equal access to knowledge for all, indefinitely.

Thank you for considering a donation to the Bharatmedia Foundation, the nonprofit organization behind Bharatpedia and other vital free knowledge initiatives.

Every year, it is the support of the 2% of readers like you that empowers us to extend the reach of free knowledge to previously uncharted territories. If Bharatpedia holds significance for you and proves to be a valuable resource, we kindly invite you to join these supporters by contributing ₹150, ₹300, ₹500, or any amount that resonates with you today.

Bharatpedia sets itself apart. There are no advertisements, no subscription charges, and no access barriers. Such elements have no place here. Bharatpedia is a sanctuary for learning, devoid of bias or hidden agendas.

Today, we extend an invitation for you to make a donation of your choosing. By doing so, you convey to the world that unrestricted access to impartial and unprejudiced information holds genuine importance for you.

We express our gratitude.